Friday, March 19, 2010

Latest Bags

Here’s two new bags that are ready to leave my office.  I am totally in love with this fabric and hope that I can get my hands on some more of this. 



This one is screaming my name.  I better do some fabric hunting now.



I just love the faces and the colors on this.




Close-up of the inside fabric.  I also used it on one half of the outside on one of the bags.






Welcome to my new little spot on the web.  I decided to separate my sewing from everything else that I do.

I love to sew a variety of things.  I make a few pieces at a time, and usually if it’s been requested.  That includes my kids jumping up and down yelling “mama, mama, make me a dress!”  Normally they end up like the cobbler’s children….they have no shoes and my girls are still waiting for those dresses.

Years ago I bought these mesh (think crazy fishnet stockings) grocery bags from our local organic grocery store.  I thought they were great, but wanted something a bit less cumbersome to carry around.  With a little tweaking here and there, and some willing family guinea pigs, I think I now have the perfect size.  Cloth grocery bags, thankfully, have really become popular.  I made a bunch for family and friends, and now I’ll put them up here with the rest of the things that come out of my sewing room.